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mental illness

Ventures PROS

Air Date: 
Jan 27, 2017

Rochester Rehab's program, Ventures PROS, works with people who are living with and often battling mental illness. It identifies an individual's goal - such as joining the workforce or going to back to school - and then works to make that goal a reality. We visited Ventures PROS to learn how art plays a role in their program. Aired 1/27/17. 

Roberta Estes

Air Date: 
Aug 19, 2016

For nearly two decades, Seneca Falls artist, Roberta Estes kept a secret from the world. She had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Her diagnosis was hidden from nearly everyone around her and art was her only escape. Unfortunately, there is a sense of shame attached to having a mental illness, and the stigma of this invisible illness was too much for Roberta to confront -- until now. Through her art, Roberta has finally come forward to say to the world that mental illness doesn't define her, being an artist does! Aired 8/19/16.

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