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Gateways Music Festival
What began as a grassroots festival and has grown to international acclaim, Arts InFocus is proud to bring you this look into a true Rochester gem.
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First Friday At The Hungerford

Back in February of this year, Host Teej Jenkins visited Rochester’s Hungerford building to discover the artists, craftspeople and vendors working and creating within its walls.  Through in-depth artist profiles, and a visit to the Hungerford ‘First Friday’ event, we learned how this communal...Learn More>>


As part of the WXXI / Golisano Foundation Move to Include initiative - we bring you a cool throw back to when live art exhibits were still happening. Arts InFocus went behind the scenes to explore the De'VIA exhibit at the MAG back in February of this year.

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"A Christmas Carol" at Geva Theatre Center

A Christmas Carol at Geva Theatre Center has been a Rochester Holiday Tradition since 1985! Get into the holiday spirit and take a look behind the scenes of this iconic production in our latest story!

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Vegan Thanksgiving: The Red Fern

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with butter! All these foods are staples of Thanksgiving dinner, but did you know Thanksgiving dinner could be entirely plant based?

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Flower City Pottery Invitational

Love pottery? The Flower City Pottery Invitational is a yearly event at the Flower City Arts Center where pottery artists from all over the country come together to exhibit, speak and teach their skills to attendees!

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Nightmare Manor

Get into the Halloween spirit! Join us as we take a look at the art, design and performance that goes into making and running a haunted attraction! We stopped by Nightmare Manor for our latest story to find out what goes into the art of the scare!

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October 2019 Special

Host Teej Jenkins steps inside the mind-boggling and exhilarating Artisan Works and gets to know the man behind the organized chaos, Louis Perticone. We revisit the summer camp where girls gain rock and roll skills along with newfound confidence.

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#DeafTalent!, produced by Matthew J. Schwartz from JPosh Productions, is a an incredible multidisciplinary performance with all proceeds going to the Rochester School for the Deaf for the advancement of performing arts education for Deaf youth.

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Sam Maloney

For Sam Maloney, a camera is so much more than a recording device; it’s his window to the world. Living with Autism, Sam uses his camera to bridge the gap into a more social, confident and independent way of life.

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Girls Rock! Rochester

This summer camp ROCKS. Don’t believe us? Watch below.

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Underpants and Overbites

If you were posting your diary comic on Instagram for nearly 100K followers every day, would you feel like a reality star?

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The Yards

Since 2011 The Yards has been a staple in the Rochester art scene, committed to supporting all creative ventures. With that mission in mind, they proudly host a residency program twice a year, meant to foster collaboration between the artists and connections within the community.

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June 2019 Special

Join us as we highlight John Magnus Champlin, Black Summer Design, Chad Cleveland, Kristine Bouyoucos, TeeJay Dill, Ashley Ludwig and Pike Stained Glass Studios in this special Arts inFocus!

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Megan Alchowiak

Despite having a long history, paper quilling is relatively unknown. We're here to try and change that. Meet Megan Alchowiak, paper quiller extraordinaire.

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Tony Walker

I'm sure you've seen them, tall beer cans with creative graphic design. They've become more than a trend, they're a staple of the industry. Meet Tony Walker, one of the artists behind those can designs.

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Renee Jacobson

After a chemically induced brain injury and a year of being homebound, Renee Jacobson used art as a form of rehabilitation. Art brought her back to life.

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Shannon Halligan

Working through emotions, traumas and everyday life is hard. Art can help. Shannon Halligan is a creative art therapist in Rochester, NY. who uses art to help a wide range of people.

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Chad Cleveland

Chad Cleveland is always pushing the boundaries of comfort. He sees something he likes and deliberately paints over it to see how far he can take the 'portrait.'

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John Magnus Champlin

Take a peek inside the 'mind of Magnus.' He's a doodler, illustrator, painter, and a self-proclaimed "full-time weirdo."

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Pike Stained Glass

The art and craft of creating stained glass art has been passed down through generations of one family for 110 years. And for all those years, Pike Stained Glass has been a staple of the Rochester community.

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John Bertolone

Art has been a common theme throughout his life. He doesn't see his role as putting meaning behind his artwork, that's up to the audience.

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TeeJay Dill

Over the course of her career, TeeJay Dill has watched tattoos go from being rejected to respected.

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Joshua Enck

Joshua Enck is a master of going with the flow and letting his creative process take him where IT wants to go.

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Kristine Bouyoucos

Kristine Bouyoucos has two loves, music and printmaking. At some point, she combined the two. She honors the composers she admires through her artwork.

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WXXI names Teej Jenkins as host of Arts In Focus, a television series that celebrates arts and culture in Rochester, NY and beyond.

Teej has a degree in Communication and Media Arts from Monroe Community College and 17 years of television experience at WXXI Public Broadcasting Council. She is currently Manager/Producer and liaison to the City of Rochester government access channel City 12, programmed at WXXI. Teej is also the director of the City of Rochester television series CityWise.   

Arts In Focus airs on WXXI Friday nights at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 6:30pm. It also on City 12 Sunday nights at 7pm. 


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