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screen printing

Heather Swenson

Air Date: 
May 29, 2015

We visit the Hungerford Building in Rochester, NY. As part of the burdgeoning art scene in Rochester, artist Heather Swenson is using advanced screen printing techniques to create intricate prints. Just see for yourself at how these detailed prints are made, it's pretty impressive. Aired 5/29/15.

Tiny Fish Printing

Air Date: 
Mar 27, 2015

Have you ever looked at a t-shirt and thought, what a cool design! Or maybe you've seen a piece of artwork and thought, 'I want that on a t-shirt, I'd wear that!' Wearable art can be high fashion, and for artists, clothing can be a great medium for their work. There are several artists in Rochester who screen print shirts and other kinds of clothing. Some Rochester-based designers have their own particular process and vision. We talked to the people at Tiny Fish. Aired 3/27/15.

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