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Jason Tennant

Air Date: 
Jul 14, 2017

Local artist, Jason Tennant, connects with nature in a way that's almost spiritual. He spends his free time at his remote cabin in the woods. He forages, not just for the elusive morel or chantrel, but for American Chestnut, most of which was cut down nearly 100 years ago. His respect for this wood is clear, one look at his Nike of the Forest series will show you that. Take a look. Aired 7/14/17

St. Michaels Woodshop

Air Date: 
Mar 24, 2017

From ancient Egypt to modern times, the skill and art of woodworking continues to hold a place in society. And as WXXI's Need to Know recently learned, if anything it's a craft with benefits that might far outweigh what you might expect. At least that's the case for one local woodworking program which has been teaching teens not only how to build furniture, but also character, personal value, and respect. Take a look. Aired 3/24/17.

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